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  • the newly elected mayor of the newly Ying 20022016 upcoming municipal council meeting will be held on the 1st.
  • Our web site is underway and automation. Calling technical support is Tangail Ltd :.
  • On this day, the newly elected mayor and councilors 27-01-2016 aunasthana the oath.
  • No. 1, No. II and No. 3, respectively, has been elected mayor of panel Sifuzzaman Mr. Sohail Councillor (Ward 13), and Mr. Tanvir Hasan Ferdous (Nauman) councilor (No. 1), delete: Mahmuda

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      Municipal Overview: --Tangail Municipality was established on 1 July 1887. The establishment of municipal wards 5. Tangail crying neighborhood, paradighuliya, akura Spindles with 1 Ward, taxes betaka, Nandi betaka, Mirer betaka, sabaliya, because, asekapura, nagarapalaphai and beyali of the ward, garai, roamed, Kazipur, cataract, bacharakandi, bajitpur, berabucana, and bhallukakandi 3 ... read more

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Bangladesh has entered the digital age of information technology in the world. In keeping with the era of the country has taken steps Tangail Municipality. ... read more

According to the official gazette of the municipal service rates

There are a variety of services to the citizens of the municipality of Tangail. According to the official gazette of the service rate is provided ... read more

Tangail Municipality Citizen Charter

Citizen Charter: Reception and counseling centerTangail municipality to provide better services to citizens in the municipal building, the entrance to a reception center has been set ... read more

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