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Bangladesh has entered the digital age of information technology in the world. In keeping with the era of the country has taken steps Tangail Municipality. Engaged in the development of municipal citizens believe that the municipality can not be any sustainable development is not possible, or dharanayogya. Municipal information through this web site in order to inform and service arrangements have been nagarikedera. Our expectations of the citizens Tangail Municipality participated in all development activities will continue to build a modern and basapoyogi city.
I connected to the web sites of Tangail Municipality all employees and thank a new institution.



(S M Sirajul Haque)
     Tangail Municipality


  •   Post office: Tangail, upajela Tangail,  District-.TangailEstd: 1 July 1887 .Phone: 092163320, Fax Number: 092163600E-mail : tangailpourashava@yahoo.comweb:
  •   Phone: ০৯২১৬৩৩২০

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