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Municipal Overview: --Tangail Municipality was established on 1 July 1887. The establishment of municipal wards 5. Tangail crying neighborhood, paradighuliya, akura Spindles with 1 Ward, taxes betaka, Nandi betaka, Mirer betaka, sabaliya, because, asekapura, nagarapalaphai and beyali of the ward, garai, roamed, Kazipur, cataract, bacharakandi, bajitpur, berabucana, and bhallukakandi 3 of Ward, kagamari, Santosh, aloya, baitya, and ekaramapura patuli of Ward 4 and kalipura, dighuliya, sakaraila, kaiyamara, beradoma, home, and is comprised of Ward No. 5 of Khanpur. Central to the No. 1, No. betaka II, No. 3 and No. 4 dighuliya satisfaction is regroup as a 4 wards. 1988 AD Central, betaka, dighuliya, satisfaction, and the district headquarters of the 6th Ward 5 Ward 6 includes the kajipurake fitting divided into wards. Then again re-6 to 5, 5 to 6 karahaya and 1999 AD is divided into wards of 18 wards in Tangail Municipality to regroup

    After the establishment of the first municipal elections in November, AD 1887, is anusthita. 8 people 4 wards in this election commissioners are elected by direct election. Ward 5, for a total of 7 people, including two members nominated by the Government as the Commissioner said. The Lieutenant Governor of Bengal Shashi Shekhar Dutt kolamyala myakule then Tangail Tangail Municipality muhukama administrator was appointed administrator of the municipality. The municipality had no paved roads and clean water supplying system arranged to illuminate the road chilana. Arthanukulye local and district board set up by the landlords of the pool, indara established and well-to-do charitable person / indarara water would nirbhira municipal citizens. The first part of the twentieth century, kerosene lamps (hurricane) illuminated by the catastrophic effects of the road by the municipality.

Hand tube placed in various public places. At that time, there was talk of the town and garuragari tandem. Carabari had to travel by ship from Calcutta and Dhaka-Mymensingh. Unnayanamulaka activities gradually began to flourish. Electricity supply was started in the early thirties. Forty of the city of Bissau were included in the rickshaw.

Several streets in the early fifties and sixty pakakarana products, including bridges, culverts. In the meantime, with the Dhaka-Tangail road starts. Sixty of the decade through pipelines that supply drinking Paul.

Consequently, AD 1985, Tangail Municipality 'C' from 'B' and 1989 AD 'B' to 'A' class was improved. 90 During the Asian Development Bank and the Bangladesh city of Sucre and medium-financed water supply and sanitation projects in infrastructure development projects Several roads, drains, bridges / culverts, market, infrastructure and water supply development, including basatarminala is attained. Some of the important activities undertaken by the Council of the new century is to reduce traffic congestion in the city, killing mosquito has been able to contribute to the special powers.

Founded 125 years anniversary of the municipality on July 1 to 01. The current area of Tangail Municipality = 2943 square kilometers, an area of 5.00 square miles = 1296 km, a population of 001 according to the census, M = 66.856 men, women = 61929 people, total = 128, 785 people, education denominator = 53.80%, the total number of bhocara = 94.644 persons, the number of male voters = 46.130 persons = 48.514 persons in the number of voters, ghetto = 63, 1 mayor, the general seats kaunsilaba = 18, reserved seats = 6 councilors, ward number = 18, according to the organizing katharo -157 persons authorized manpower, there are currently bidramana = 85. Number of Holding, 21115 T.





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