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(1) The municipal health system is to improve the overall responsibilities. Tikadana programs provided by the Government, including any kind of public facilities are provided.

(2) breaking down or building construction, including excavation of ponds Municipality approved the offer. Imaratake healthy building construction or municipal action to build healthy.

(3) The garbage removal, collection and management of municipal responsibility. A large part of the collection of municipal waste produced in the municipality threw the final ground.

(4) The municipal area is rich in opportunities for women and men separate and berasakari enterprise management system is built lettina.

(5) born, death and marriage registration is through the municipalities of national responsibilities.

(6) to enhance public awareness of disease prevention role of the municipality.

(7) municipality, two water purification plant production and the supply of clean water. However, it is possible to supply water to 40 percent of maximum demand.

(8) non-governmental sources, saving water will always provide assistance to municipalities. It was not possible to build a water supply system in all areas of the hand-operated water tap is arranged.

(9) for the discharge of water drainage in urban areas every year as part of the plan is to build a drain. Sewer drain cleaning is an important program created to enhance efficiency. The program is speeding up every year before the rainy season. Effective solution to the immediate problem is not the role of the rainy season.

(10) the public, including the public access to the river for bathing and washing Kumar for the gradual creation ghatala ponds were built.

(11) located within the municipality owned by the municipality and the government is taking action on all types of ponds.

(12) the development of the fisheries sector is the development of the pond.

(13) bajarera market growth through the development of civic amenities to the common man. Buying and selling unnayai benefit by saving the buyer and seller. Raw meat market, market, market milk market development, etc. are provided at the facility.

(14) Slaughter House health through the development of animal sacrifice is reasonably practicable.

(15) Road construction and maintenance of roads through the development of public services are provided.

(16) Public safety is the road lights. In addition, coordination with the government and other organizations to ensure the safety of the public.

(17) The deceased necropolis and burial or cremation for the development and management is dahera.

(18) is the development environment through afforestation.

(19) The municipality conducted a special role in education through primary and high schools;

(20) the expansion of markets through the development of businesses.



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